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Last Updated: Jan 09, 2020 07:55PM CST

What is ChromaCam?

ChromaCam is a Windows desktop app that lets you remove, blur or replace your real-life background in video chat apps like Skype, Zoom, Webex or streaming apps like OBS and XSplit. Almost all major video apps are supported.

Didn’t you used to be called Personify?

Yes, and we still are! Personify is the company that produces the ChromaCam app (and a lot of other cool stuff still in development), but after speaking to customers, we got the sense that calling it “Personify ChromaCam” was a little confusing, so we decided to re-brand our ChromaCam product and give it its own, dedicated site.

Why remove your real background?

When you’re on an important video conference you may not want other participants to see a bustling office in the background. In such instances you may choose to blur or completely replace your background to cut out the visual noise and get your audience to focus on you. In the Pro version of ChromaCam you can even use PowerPoint slides as your background to make a highly impactful presentation.
While streaming on Twitch you may want to completely remove your background, because no one wants to see the messy laundry on your floor.

How does ChromaCam work? 

ChromaCam works like a webcam. That means to all your video apps, like Skype, Zoom, OBS, XSplit, and many more, ChromaCam will show up as a webcam in your app settings. So say you wanted to replace your background in Skype, you would have to go to settings and choose ChromaCam as the webcam. It’s that easy. Once you select ChromaCam a control panel will popup which will allow you to modify your background (remove, blur, replace) as you choose.
ChromaCam uses sophisticated computer vision and machine learning techniques behind the scenes to determine which pixels in the video feed belong to you and which belong to the background. We call this dynamic green screen technology or simply background removal.

ChromaCam is not functional like expected or not working well recently?

For some reason, if your installed ChromaCam is not working as expected or it worked well in the past but not working well recently? In that case, try to reset ChromaCam, please follow the steps below:
  1. First, make sure you closed your web browser or the application using camera (Skype, OBS, WebEx, Hangouts...) in order to do the next steps below...
  2. Uninstall ChromaCam
  3. Delete the folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\Personify\ChromaCam" (if it exists).
  4. Delete the folder "%LocalAppData%\Personify". In order to find the folder, type "%LocalAppData%" into the Windows Search bar on your desktop (without the quotes), and then navigate to the Personify folders once you click into the "%LocalAppData%" folder.
  5. Delete the folder "%LocalAppData%\Personify,_Inc".
  6. Download and reinstall using the latest version of ChromaCam from our website:
  7. Make sure to login again with the account you are currently using.

Any tips to get background removal to work well?

If you’re a regular user of green screens, keep in mind that ChromaCam is not meant to replace your green screen, at least not yet in terms of quality.  That being said there are several easy things to do to make ChromaCam do background removal well.
The two most important environmental variables are: lighting and background.
Ensure that your environment is generally well lit. You don’t need studio quality lighting or bright lights to get good results.
Also make sure your background isn’t too busy, or has objects that match your hair color right behind your head. Simpler backgrounds will lead to better quality.
For more tips refer to the article here.

What are the recommended hardware specifications for ChromaCam?

ChromaCam is currently only available for Windows.
Processor: Intel 4th generation or higher Core CPU, or the AMD equivalent (Quad core AMD Phenom)
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
Memory: 4GB+ RAM
Supported cameras: Any RGB webcam, like the one embedded into your laptop PC.
Processors with Intel Integrated Graphics are great, but PCs with discrete GPUs are a plus. ChromaCam also prefers 64-bit Windows, but will run on 32-bit Windows as well. Cameras that work better in low light, and have better [auto]exposure, are also preferred.
From a compatibility standpoint, you can use pretty much any PC and webcam. ChromaCam will certainly work with less RAM, older chipsets, or older plug-in webcams.  But the best experiences with background replacement will be on devices with specs like those recommended one above.
NOTE: ChromaCam does NOT work on a Mac. And ChromaCam will only work with PCs that are in the Intel AVX Instruction Set, which is some 2nd Gen chips, and then all 3rd Gen chips or later. Some Sandy Bridge chips aren't on the AVX yet, so it's basically all Intel chips that are 2012 or newer, and some of the Sandy Bridge chips from 2011.

What is the difference between ChromaCam Lite and ChromaCam Pro?

ChromaCam Lite allows you to remove, replace or blur your background. It is ideal for new users who use video chat or stream occasionally. It does come with a watermark and is free to use forever. One thing to note is that the blur feature, with OBS and Xsplit, actually removes the background entirely. So you can't blur your background with OBS or XSplit, though you can with any other app. 
ChromaCam Pro is recommended for regular users of video apps. You no longer have the watermark. You can add your own custom images or logos. We have set the limit at 4K image quality, so your own custom images will need to be 4096 x 2160 or less. You can even use your PowerPoint slides as your background when presenting to an audience. 
Whichever version you choose to use we want you to know that we’re constantly working hard to add new features to both.

Which apps does ChromaCam work with?

Here is a non-exhaustive list of apps ChromaCam works with - Skype, Hangouts, Zoom, Webex, BlueJeans, GotoMeeting, Adobe Connect, OBS, XSplit, GameShow, Twitch desktop app.
If you find an app that ChromaCam doesn’t seem to work with, please let us know and we’ll be happy to look into it.

What kind of custom background image that ChromaCam supports?

ChromaCam supports all PNG, JPG, JPEG and BMP file formats.

The maximum image size is 4K which is 3840 x 2160 (width x height). 

There is no file size limitation and there is no limitation on the amount of custom background you can add to the image list.

What are the video chat and broadcast applications ChromaCam supports?

ChromaCam currently supports the majority of the leading video chat applications on the market. Those include:

There is a known issue with a few apps which are based on the Universal Windows Platform (UWP). Those include:

We are working on a solution to enable ChromaCam with UWP apps, for general availability early in 2019. If you have an application (either supported or not) which isn’t in the above lists, please do help us by adding it to this form. Thanks indeed for your support!

Test Background Subtraction script and the h5 file we collect, what is inside?

To support our customer to debug camera issues, we developed a script to test Personify Background Subtraction algorithm with your cameras. During running those tests we also capture output and store them in h5 files:

  • h5 (or hdf5) file is a raw file data format from HDF Group. You can download the software HDFView here to open and view the content inside.
  • We only capture the persona or silhouette (with only black and white colors) to support debug and fix issue for your cameras in machine and won't share to anyone. An example of persona or silhouette as below:
Thus, it's totally safe to run that script. And it will help us to debug and fix the issue of Background Subtraction with your cameras.

How to collect ChromaCam and Presenter log files to help fix your individual case?

Notes: this instruction only applies to our Presenter and ChromaCam Windows apps.

First, download this script and then extract it. Second, browse to the extracted folder, double click on “CollectLogs.bat” and follow the instructions from Windows to collect logs automatically. Lastly, zip and send the files to us at our address.

If you don’t want to run the script, you can do the following steps instead:

  1. Zip the full contents of the following log directories:
    • %LocalAppData%\personify
    • %LocalAppData%\CrashDumps
  2. Find Crash Logs in Event Viewer:
    • Press Windows+R to open the Run dialog, enter 'eventvwr' and hit OK
    • Select "Event Viewer/Windows Logs/Application"
    • Find ChromaCam or Presenter error/crashing events, then copy content in "General" tab and save the content
  3. System information:
    • Type “dxdiag” into the Windows Search bar on your desktop (without the quotes)
    • In “DirectX Diagnostic Tool” windows, Click on ‘Save All Information” then save to .txt file

Please zip all above information then send us via

How to check if your machine supports AVX2 and OpenCL 1.2?

AVX2 and OpenCL 1.2 are required to run ChromaCam and Presenter. To check if your machine supports them or not, please follow the steps below:

  • Download our prepared checker script. Note: make sure to extract the file and (do not run it directly inside the zip file as it won't work properly. Please contact us at for some direct assistance if you need help here.
  • Once you run the script, you will see the screenshot below, which will tell us 1 of 3 things.
  1. Both AVX2 and OpenCL 1.2 are supported -- your machine is capable of running both ChromaCam and Presenter.
  2. AVX2 is not supported on your PC - Your machine’s CPU is not supported, please try to use another machine with a newer CPU (Intel 3rd or newer or AMD equivalent is recommended).
  3. OpenCL is not supported on your PC - Please follow the steps in the next answer on "How to detect and enable OpenCL 1.2 support for your GPU(s)".


How to verify and enable OpenCL 1.2 support for your GPU(s)?

Please download GPU-Z and run it for your GPU. You will see something like screenshot below:

This will tell us if your GPU supports OpenCL 1.2, which is needed for Personify’s apps to work properly.

If so, yay! If not, then updating your GPU drivers will help here. You will want to:

  1. Ensure your machine has downloaded and installed all of the latest Windows Update.
  2. Update your machine’s GPU drivers directly from the GPU manufacturer (NVIDIA / Intel / AMD ...) because drivers may be different from different sources.

After updating your Windows and GPU drivers, verify with GPU-Z. Please contact us directly if you need more direct help
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